This week, my weblog assignment is about web design with grids. I just had my first experience developing a website with 3 columns. The process was not as difficult as I expected it to be. Nathan Smith’s 960 grid system  made the process a whole lot simpler for me. I spent some time watching … Continue reading

Web Standards & HTML5

As a web design student, I am taking my first HTML5 and CSS3 scripting lessons. The importance of web standards has come up as this week’s discussion theme. Undoubtedly  from the student perspective, web standards make learning a lot easier. After all, society needs some form of rules to keep order. Without some kind of standardization companies, developers, … Continue reading

Website Designers that I Admire

For the first time in my life, I am starting to learn the basics of HTML. Now that I have taken some fundamental design and web classes, I finally get to start learning about website creation. At school I get to work with BBEdit, while at home I gave Notepad++ a try, since I use … Continue reading

Reflection on Characteristics I Look for in Ideal Workplace

Characteristics I look for: Place wife likes, independence, flexibility, intellectual, sunny, some winter not too cold, only a couple of week s of snow, easy to transfer Psychology Degree (wife), not too expensive, with lots of nature, but high tech. If in US not big sports town and ideally not a red state. Geographical Areas:  … Continue reading

My Personal Learning Environment at this Time

I believe that within the last 5 years I have already developed a significant personal learning environment. I have utilized and tried many tools to help, expand, and manage such a network. I have a strong active network in Linkedin,Twitter, Stocktwits, Google Plus, and various message boards and forums. Though a lot of my existing … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design

Most of what I learned about responsive design entails designing your site to provide an optimal viewing experience for the user based on the specific device being used. With responsive design, a web site can recognize a different range of devices such as ; tablets, mobile phones, portable game systems, PCs, Macs, etc. and respond … Continue reading

Online Collaboration Successful Project Examples

Gamers solve AIDS puzzle that scientists had been trying to solve for over a decade. This problem that baffled scientists was solved by puzzle solving gamers in 10 days! You can read more about it here:   The project is ongoing, this is their site: This link will take you to Tim Burton’s Stainboy short story. … Continue reading

Modified Images for Web Use Homework

These are the images I modified for web use using Adobe Photoshop for my first time.

Finding and Validating the Information You Seek

With almost instant access to mass amounts of information, doing a web search can be a tricky thing. Along with the benefit of having valuable and respected sources of information, comes the burden of weeding out unnecessary and invalid information. Anyone can pose as an expert. Among my favorite online search tools are: Google – … Continue reading

How to Develop and Benefit from a Personal Learning Network

My understanding of a personal learning network is that it is my own ability to venture out and learn from others. It is this network of connections with others, with an intent to learn and share, that helps define my personal learning network. Some seem to refer to this learning method as something new. We … Continue reading

Testing 1-2-3

Testing post for blog.