Website Designers that I Admire

For the first time in my life, I am starting to learn the basics of HTML. Now that I have taken some fundamental design and web classes, I finally get to start learning about website creation. At school I get to work with BBEdit, while at home I gave Notepad++ a try, since I use a PC there. My first web-site creation experience was a lot of fun, though I found myself going back and forth between Notepad++ and Dreamweaver. I do not particularly like Dreamweaver, but I found it easier to add special characters and to view the HTML code. The Notepad++ never-ending lines bugged me.

As part of my learning experience, I was asked to find some website designers that I admire. So after reading quite a few blogs, these are some great designers I would like to share with you:

  •      Veerl Pieters  – The site is aesthetically beautiful. I love the color scheme and structural design of the main site, it has some gorgeous images that are very inviting. Contentwise, the Graphic/Web-Design RSS feed has some terrific content mostly regarding visual design. There are some terrific blog entries regarding Photoshop and Illustrator techniques and tools that can be used to improve the visuals on your site. I was also delighted to see the blog recommend the textbook I am currently utilizing in class.
  •      Roger Johansson – This site provides an outstanding user experience. This is the kind of easy navigational design that I am currently striving for. The amount of terrific webdesign content in this website is amazing. Even more impressive, is how easy the designer has made finding the information users seek. The information architecture here is very well though-out and clearly designed to maximize user experience. I especially enjoyed the book reviews and lab section. I highly recommend you pay this one a visit. There is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be read, and the navigation is a snap.
  •      Dan Cederholm – The fact that he has clients such as Google, YouTube, ESPN, and Electronic Arts says a lot. I learned a lot just browsing through his body of work, there are some very unique and creative interfaces the were created for clients. A very interesting place to visit to see some of the material that has been developed. Some interesting podcasts are available here too. I definitely plan to come back to listen to some of them. There is also a great amount of web-design links that contain a wealth of valuable information; If only I could find the time to read them all!
  •      Andy Clarke – Talk about a fun site to look at, it has a great visually pleasing and entertaining design. There is excellent content here, and it is updated fairly frequently. I love the icons that are being utilized, and found the site to be very inviting to potential customers and fellow web-designers alike.
  •      Jeffrey Zeldman – Contentwise, this is updated frequently. It is quite a geeky site, which has a terrific balance between fun and informative. There are some very useful blog entries and articles.
  •    Paul Underwood – I admire his work, because of the navigational design and content. There are some excellent web-development resources and links that are shared through his site and blog.
  • – This is an honorable mention. A great place to learn about other up and coming web-site designers, and their work. This is a great place to find some of the unique and creative material that is being developed out there.

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