Reflection on Characteristics I Look for in Ideal Workplace

Characteristics I look for: Place wife likes, independence, flexibility, intellectual, sunny, some winter not too cold, only a couple of week s of snow, easy to transfer Psychology Degree (wife), not too expensive, with lots of nature, but high tech. If in US not big sports town and ideally not a red state.

Geographical Areas:  Dallas, Austin, North Carolina, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Scottsdale, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Costa Rica, Toronto, Brazil, Belgium.

Specific working conditions: Challenging, reachable goals, small company, high tech, diverse, place where I am constantly learning, flexibility, no overburn, some interactions not conversations all the time, few meetings and busy work, a get to the point environment, a place with lots of very smart people, some risk taking with big profit potential, ownership/equity vested in employees, projects were most of results are dependent on me and not others.


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