Responsive Web Design


Most of what I learned about responsive design entails designing your site to provide an optimal viewing experience for the user based on the specific device being used. With responsive design, a web site can recognize a different range of devices such as ; tablets, mobile phones, portable game systems, PCs, Macs, etc. and respond accordingly to better customize the experience. Reflecting upon this I believe such an emphasis when designing could also be used to solve other issues, though uses of geolocation technology and other ideas can be considered progressive enhancement. WordPress also seems to offer a tool to easily create responsive images in your blog.

Among the links I found insightful about this topic are:

4 Responses to “Responsive Web Design”
  1. ash says:

    I liked that you called it an “optimal viewing experience.” It’s very true! Its amazing that we know can create websites that adapt to the device that its being viewed on. The articles that I read talked about the fact that before responsive web design, designers were creating websites for phone devices which wasn’t a forward way of thinking. Ethan Marcotte the creator of Responsive Web Design helped us solve this problem!

  2. emliy says:

    I think its really cool that websites are able to adapt to the different technologies. I also like how it could help solve other issues there is with technologies.

  3. madartbear says:

    I found this helpful and explained it really well.

  4. Responsive Web Design is a fascinating way for developers and designers to deliver the same content to tons of devices. I too beleive that future design solutions can solve issues such as multi-platform stability, and am interested how it further develops

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