My Personal Learning Environment at this Time

I believe that within the last 5 years I have already developed a significant personal learning environment. I have utilized and tried many tools to help, expand, and manage such a network. I have a strong active network in Linkedin,Twitter, Stocktwits, Google Plus, and various message boards and forums. Though a lot of my existing connections and learning networks have been extremely beneficial, they are more focused on other professions. What I need to focus on right now is centering my focus from a web design and interactive media perspective. I have already began getting contacts and learning from interactions with other developers on wordpress. It was pretty simple to find good content there.

I have also utilized a very significant percentage of the items from the 150 tools shown in our tools document.  Among my favorites are google plus, TED, EdX and other free online classes, and Wolfram Aplha. My concern with this is that I am at a point where I feel somewhat burned out by these tools. They need to be managed, and can be quite time consuming. Part of what I look forward to is using some of these web applications and tools to reduce some of this for me. I have already begun analyzing some of the options. I have always been an avid reader on web design and technologies, and am usually pretty informed on none- technical aspects of what is happening in the industry.

I am pretty confident I will be quite successful finding answers to problems that may arise during my web development. What really excites me is getting to have these problems to go solve! I really do enjoy keeping up with the latest developments and using them to think of innovations, potential problem solving, and other tools that could have entrepreneurial and/or profit potential.

Among the affordances I am most inexperienced with that I would like to further look at tools and how they could positively impact my learning experience are managing, and asking/giving feedback.


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